Gary Mac the Knife  

Easter monday at the shit pit
Blue scum crying what a sight
Walking wounded, gaping gashes
Left by Gary Mac ‘the knife’.

Twisted faces spitting venom
Season tickets torn to shreds
Smashed up bus stops, housewives beaten
As reds lay w*nking in their beds.

Round to my house all the boys came
We wont go that, pit no more
Woke the kids up doin the conga
At twenty five past fucking four.

Two were hanging from the lampshade
Another clung to the curtain pole
I got my head stuck in the ceiling
When Gary scored that fucking goal.

Oh what a party , what a scoreline
I've never been so fucking pissed
Andrew Lloyd Webber , Walt fucking Disney
Couldnt have wrote a better script.

Crying bastards chipped up arseholes
Wondering ‘why’ , all round the ground
You disrespected the minutes silence
So boy what ‘goes round comes around’.

You are the pimple on our arseholes
You're the shite between our toes
You're the skidmarks in our undies
And the bogies up our nose.

On the front of every programme
Kenwright productions proudly present
A puppet show for all the children
Every Saturday at 3 pm.

Now im so happy im doin strange things
Last night I even kissed the wife
Said ‘excuse me’ when I farted
Because of Gary Mac ‘ the kniiiiiiiiiiiiiiife’

..........Look out ole Gary's back in town